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Bred in the West, For the West

Maintaining productivity and fertility in dry times is something we are heavily focused on at Rayleigh.  Being from a marginal climate our cattle are well accustomed to semi-arid type pastures such as salt bush, herbages and dry grasses. This allows for our bulls to be well adapted, low fuss and ready to work, particularly through drier times.  

The aim of the stud has always been to breed functional and efficient cattle, noted for their ability to fatten on pasture and carry themselves through tough times. Structural soundness, doing ability and natural muscling are at the forefront of our program to ensure this vision is met.




Productivity and Performance is Profit!

At Rayleigh we recognise that key factors in maximising profitability of a beef production system include:

* Fertility
* Feed Efficiency
* Carcass Quality

Our females must maintain the highest level of fertility to remain in the program.  Weaning weights of progeny are carefully monitored to ensure sufficient performance from matron and offspring.

Visual assessment of carcass shape, raw and EBV data are all utilised to ensure performance of our cattle. An ability to perform on natural pastures and structural soundness comprise the final key selection criteria in our program.

We believe that ongoing selection for these attributes provides our clients with the best opportunity to hit market specifications and maximise profitability from their beef operations. It also allows for us to be confident in the consistency and performance of our genetics.


Rayleigh Poll Hereford Stud was established in 1957 with Hereford cows from Lomani and Dalkeith.  Cows from Debarry, Margfred Park, Glencoe, Cannawigra, Courallie and several other studs have been added since. The majority of our cows still descend from these foundation females, as these lines have proven so reliable in their performance and predictability.

In recent years a number of new sires have been added to our program. In the selection of these sires we have focused heavily on obtaining bulls with strong phenotypical attributes as well as competitive performance data. All bulls must be structurally sound, easy doing sires with strong carcass attributes. A well hooded eye and competitive breedplan data are integral components in ensuring we continue to produce a competitive animal with survivability for our clients.

To date we are very pleased with the performance of these sires.